Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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You are Loved, Kim Garrison

June 23, 2010 by Vonette


Paris. San Francisco. New York City. Galway, Ireland. Singer-songwriter Kim Garrison has been here, there and everywhere… burgeoning, diverse cities all serving as inspiration for her debut album, “You are Loved.”

In 2007, Garrison could be found playing venues in NYC’s Lower East Side weekly. After only the second show with other San Francisco expirates, Garrison recorded “You are Loved” at Brooklyn’s Monkeyboy Studios in less than a week, but its quick turnaround isn’t apparent with beautifully-crafted melodies, powerful ballads and seemingly alcohol-induced emotions.

Listing artist Gustave Moreau and writer Ayn Rand as inspiration (as well as red wine and Jameson, god love her) Garrison, who has made San Francisco her permanent residence for now, delivers a complex collection of melancholy stories on “You are Loved,” with her fiercely poignant voice that sometimes chants like a Native American spiritual guide, but most often remsembles the easy-going, hanging-in-the-bar likeness of Sheryl Crow. In the track “Anything Alive,” she sings “One hand on the bottle, one on my knee/ Too early to decipher which is the enemy.” No whiney, helpless shit here… Garrison is totally in control.

Kim Garrison will be playing The Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 30. Want to see Kim for FREE??? Yeah, I thought you might. Simply email Julia at with “KIM GARRISON“ in the subject line and you win a spot for two on the guestlist! Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 29.